maandag, februari 06, 2012


(Spalding Rockwell - Vicious)

This blog hasn't been 'alive' as much as it used to be and I'm a bit sad about that. But fact is that I have so much to do for school, so much to think about and still not forget to have a social life that blogging has inevitably became less important as it used to be. So I decided to take a small break (approximately a month) to get everything sorted out and hopefully make a good new start instead of crawling on.

Take care!
-♥ Jamie

zaterdag, februari 04, 2012

Against the cold

Snow had finally fallen in the Netherlands and like every year it's horrible to get from A to B by train. Took 3 hours yesterday to get from Amsterdam to my boyfriend near Utrecht (normally an 1 hour and something minutes trip) but it was quite ok since there was free coffee and we actually had a train to take.

Anyways, this is the hat I made a couple of weeks ago. Thought it was an appropriate time to share this picture w/ you.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)
-♥ Jamie

woensdag, januari 25, 2012


[FLTR] Liese, Julia, Frank, me

Today was Julia's birthday and we celebrated with a really nice lunch. I really love having these people around, Amsterdam would be different without them!
-♥ Jamie

zondag, januari 22, 2012


- JACKET Zara | SHEER SHIRT h&m | SKIRT From Germany | SHEER TIGHTS Random | OVER THE KNEE SOCKS New Look | SHOES Vintage | NECKLACE Vintage (gift from grandma) -

This Friday was a cold and rainy day in Amsterdam but we have a really mild winter so I can't complain. I felt like wearing this skirt with lightning print and burgundy over the knee socks. The top part was a bit plain with only the black shirt so I added the necklace under the collar.

Times are still really busy and I have a lot of things on my mind but I will try to post more outfit pictures! Hope you like this one!
-♥ Jamie

dinsdag, januari 10, 2012

Streetstyle inspiration

Some streetstyle outfit pictures from Vanessa Jackman! Colourful knits, black boots to stomp around in and interesting twists are the things that attract me to these outfits. What do you think?
-♥ Jamie

Burgundy coat

- COAT Zara -

In one of the last days of 2011 my dad and I decided to go to the OpenAir Museum in Arnhem. It's a museum that displays the history of Holland and there are a lot of old buildings and wind mills. Sounds extremely boring but it's not! Kids could skate on ice and there's always an old tram you could hop on. On the second last photo you can see my dad pointing out the villages where he has his roots.

Oh and say Hi to my new burgundy coat! I loved the design for quite a while now but never came around buying it. But when this baby hit the sale I just had to take it home before someone else did! I plan to live in it for the next couple of winters and springs!
-♥ Jamie

zondag, januari 08, 2012

Versace x H&M Cruise Collection

Versace for H&M decided to make short movies for the cruise collection. You can click to the next video at the end of this one since you can not see them if you don't have the link.

I've seen photos of the cruise collection and I have to say I like it more then the previous collection. The fruit print is actually really cute. But once again I will not be behind my laptop or in front of a store in Amsterdam on the 19th this month in the hope of grabbing certain items. Still liked to post these short movies since they're done quite well :)
-♥ Jamie

woensdag, januari 04, 2012



So I spend my NYE with my friend Mirte at her place, eating my favourite pie, drinking white wine and trying to get some semi proper pictures of the fireworks. Just a NYE in jeans and my favourite silver top but it was a good one :)
-♥ Jamie