dinsdag, maart 22, 2011

Double Zebra

- Jumpsuit|H&M // Shoes|Emma Cook x Topshop // Knit|Vintage -

[ day 5 of 5 ] [ Wardrobe Challenge ]

When I was (way) younger, I thought that green with green was always possible (oh how wrong I was). Adding my zebra shoes to my zebra jumpsuit sounded like over kill but it turned out to be not so bad! The shoes have enough black in them to make it work. To keep the rest simple I added one of my favourite knits.

I wanted to post this yesterday but I couldn't access Photobucket. I did email the winner of my Frou Frou's Giveaway yesterday and the lucky one is HoneyBunny in Wonderland! And I want to thank all of you who participated! :)

7 opmerkingen:

Lalli Carvalho zei

so cool *-*


wow heftig, maar het staat je wel;)

jessica zei

i love the jumpsuit and i love zebra!!!


Madame G zei

Love your jumpsuit! And it works great with your zebra shoes.

Fashion Fabrice zei

stoere laarzen!

Yvette zei

Ik vind je jumpsuit echt geweldig!



Pearl Westwood zei

All the zebra looks amayzing!!